glerin business resources logoBallowax is a division of Glerin Business Resources, Inc., a SWaM certified woman owned design and marketing firm headquartered in the Town of Halifax, Virginia.

We offer unlimited monthly graphic design services and subscription-based website design packages to enable businesses and organizations of all sizes to have a professional web and marketing presence.

Website packages range from basic websites through including automated marketing and e-commerce. Graphic design services begin with services like brochures and flyers, and build up to include signage and even marketing services like blog writing - blog writing isn't graphic design but we wanted to throw it in :).

Our goal is to help you meet ongoing design needs, the types of things that you may hire a freelancer for, try to do on your own, or have a standard print service create for you.

With Ballowax, you don't have to waste time learning to use tools you don't need otherwise or rely on someone who may not be available, and you get unlimited revisions so your project ends up being exactly what you want.

It's suitable for solopreneurs, small businesses, and even larger companies who may need to supplement their in-house marketing materials or create items for internal use, like Human Resources brochures or employee newsletters.

Glerin's core business is custom projects that include strategy and consulting based on our over 20 years in business, with emphasis on growing business, Economic Development, and Main Street clients. You can see a visual portfolio of some of Glerin's custom work here and a few sample projects here, to give you an idea of the type of custom work we do.

Recognizing that a number of clients who want to work with us either can't afford consulting or feel they don't need it, we began to offer budget website services to these clients through in 2012.

We added our subscription-based graphic design services in 2016 as a way to give you access to fast-turnaround production level graphic design services. The graphic design services offered through Glerin are more complex projects such as branding identities, custom illustration, high-end collaterals, and Annual Reports.

Some clients use Ballowax projects as a step up into a Glerin custom project, whereas others stick with Ballowax. Either way, separating our services into custom and budget allows us to work with more clients and help them in the way that suits them best.

If you would like to work with a professional team who's been together for years, we welcome you to our world.

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