Where and when will meetings take place?

All meetings take place via Skype or phone. 

To schedule your kickoff meeting, first select and purchase one of our packages. We will then be in touch within 1 business day to schedule your kickoff meeting.

We work within your schedule to arrange meeting times that are most convenient for you.


How many people can use a design account?

We allow one user per design account. Limiting the number of users allows us to give each individual account the attention it deserves, while also eliminating the possibility of conflicting information from multiple users on a single account.

For businesses requiring access for more than one user, additional design accounts can be purchased with a 25% discount off of our package prices.


How many design projects can I start at a time?

One project can be started at a time. For businesses with multiple design accounts, you are able to submit one project at a time per account.

To maintain our schedule, we can't accept multiple projects from individual users unless we have agreed prior to submission.


How long does it take for my design project to be completed?

Every project is different so this will vary, but the clearer you can be in giving us guidance the faster we can work and the fewer revisions we'll need to make.

The complexity of your project will also affect the turnaround time. Some simple projects may be finished in the same day while others may take days or weeks.

The longer we work together, you'll get more accustomed to giving feedback and we'll get more accustomed to your way of describing what you want. Before long we'll be able to communicate telepathically Just kidding - keep the instructions and feedback coming :)

Ballowax unlimited monthly graphic design isn't intended for last-minute requests that are on a tight deadline.


My business sells design services to clients. Can I use the unlimited design service for client work?

No - this service is for your own marketing materials. You can use an unlimiited design account for your own materials, but if you're interested in subcontracting out design work for your clients, please contact us to describe your needs and we'll schedule a conversation.


What is the difference between the blog posting and the blog writing services?

With blog posting, you write the post and we'll post & proof it, add metatags and a search engine friendly title, and optimize photos. With blog writing, we'll actually write the post based on your topic and notes provided; researching your topic for writing is not included.


What are extensions and widgets?

Extensions and widgets are software we use to enhance the functionality of your website.


When is payment due?

Payment is due at time of sign up, and once a month after that for design plans or once a month for 11 months for website plans. Each payment is an equal automatic monthly payment.


What if my payment is late?

In most cases this shouldn't be an issue because your monthly payments will be automatic. 

However, if for any reason a monthly payment isn't received within 5 days of the due date (e.g. the automatic payment fails), you will incur a $25 late fee, and we will stop work. If payment isn't made within 14 days of the due date your account (and your website if you have a website agreement) will be suspended.

If payment for your website isn't made within 30 days of the due date your agreement will be cancelled, the site will be taken offline, and your rights to the site will be suspended. You can reinstate the agreement within 60 days of a missed payment by catching up all missed payments, including a penalty of $25 for each month for which payment was missed. If you don't reinstate the agreement within 60 days of a missed payment, you forfeit all rights to the site.


Can I cancel my subscription?

Design Cancellation

You can cancel your account within 14 days of signup and receive a full refund if the following conditions are met: you've attended your kick-off meeting, started at least one project with us, and have provided clear feedback to help us meet your needs. After 14 days, your payment is nonrefundable but you can cancel as described below.

Design plans are month-to-month, and can be cancelled by either party up to 5 business days before your monthly renewal date; monthly payments will be automatically processed unless your plan is cancelled. If you or we cancel your service, you will have access to your Ballowax design services for the rest of the month.

Any discount offer you may have had when signing up will be voided when you cancel your subscription and won't be available if you decide to reactivate the subscription.


Website Cancellation

You can cancel your website within 3 business days of signing up and receive a full refund. After 3 days, your payment is nonrefundable. The refund period is shorter for websites than for design plans because much more work goes into the first two weeks of a website project.

A website is a 12-month agreement, after which you fully own the website and we retain no rights to it. If you cancel before the paying each of the 12 monthly payments, you forfeit all rights to the site.

We understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise, though. Therefore, we allow you to cancel during the 12-month agreement period with a kill fee of 25% of the remaining balance due, and still retain the option to pick the project back up within 4 months and the first remaining month must be paid to restart the project. For example, if you cancel with 6 months left, the kill fee will be equivalent to 1.5 months' payment. If you restart the project within 4 months, you'll pay 1 month to restart the project and will have 3.5 monthly payments left after which you'll fuly own the site (1.5 kill fee + 1 to restart + 3.5 monthly =  6 monthly payments).


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